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Listen: CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry covers Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name”


Before CHVRCHES was CHVRCHES and she became a person of (unwavering and unhealthy) interest here at YFW, Lauren Mayberry fronted another Scottish band called Blue Sky Archives. While little is known of this not well-publicized fact, it’s worth noting that Mayberry went through a phase of anomalous covers during that time, most notably this unconventional reimagining of RATM’s Killing in the Name back in 2011 that was recently made public. It’s a dramatic divergence from the clamorous angst-driven rap metal sensibilities of the original and may not sit well with Rage purists, but damn if this thing isn’t fucking adorable. She’s somehow managed to transform the seminally riotous anthem of protest into a quiet act of dissonance and I can’t stop listening. It’s a muted piece of jangly folk pop that’s as unexpected as it is brilliant.



Oh, and if you’re not bewilderingly smitten when she sings “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me,” then I’m pretty sure you’re a heartless prude.

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