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Remix Roundup

Kulkid, who gave us that fantastic remix of The xx’s “Fiction” not too long ago, makes the list again this week with not one, but two kick-ass tracks.

The first is a Drive-esque retro synth-y reworking of Lana Del Rey’s cinematically lush track off of “The Great Gatsby” soundtrack. I’m not gonna lie, “Young & Beautiful” is currently one of my favorites off the album and Kulkid gives it a gorgeous (and well-deserved) makeover befitting of the original. Plus, you knew it was going to happen sooner or later, as with all Lana songs. Those things get remixed to death.


The second track finds the French producer flipping the title song from my favorite unassuming vigilante justice psychologically unbalanced father/serial killer TV series, Dexter. And it’s kind of fucking awesome. Granted, theme songs aren’t usually high on the list of things to be remixed, as they’re often musically irrelevant and awkwardly composed (I’m not talking about you Game of Thrones, you do your thing), but in this instance, it just works, even in the unsettling feel weird kind of way that only Dexter can do to you. The man can do no wrong right now.


We revisit RAC this week as well. I’m not sure what else I can say about the prolific producing team, except that they consistently put out solid remixes. And while not all of them are mind-blowingly spectacular, you’d be hard pressed to find any that are even remotely close to awful. Most recently, RAC got their hands on Capital Cities’ “Safe and Sound” and Bastille’s “Laura Palmer,” two excellent, but distinctly different songs.

On “Safe and Sound,” RAC strips away some of the track’s poppier sensibilities and replaces them with a bouncy nu-disco aesthetic that, as a result, gives it a more playful danceable vibe, but still retains that fun factor that made it so infectiously popular in the first place. The song was begging for a RAC remix anyway.


The second track is quintessential RAC. Like really, this is what RAC does best. They somehow manage to take an already excellent indie rock song by Bastille and make it, almost impossibly, more excellent. There’s a craft here and RAC does it so effortlessly that it’s really not even fair. They’ve removed unnecessary layers and tweaked the arrangement just enough to make something that, when all is said and done, may be a better version than the original. Love this shit.


Phoenix – Entertainment (Wolf Saga Remix)

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